Abhorrent Traditions

Abhorrent Traditions : In this section, we not only explore the “traditions of men,” but the origins and history as well.  We will face Christmas, Easter, New Years Eve, Mardi Gras, All Saints Day (aka Halloween), the Lenten season, and others head on. We address abhorrent traditions for what they are——”ABHORRENT TRADITIONS!”. Most Christians do not understand the eternal Purpose of “abhorrent traditions”. They are lies, and every lie has a common source—-The Father of Lies. This is a most difficult task in the Church Universal—–to expose those well cultivated and staunchly defended deceptions from that Father of Lies. Jesus faced this same problem with those religious eccentrics of his day. They defended their traditions fiercely. Why should we believe that anything has really changed? The Father of Lies has not changed. He continues to use “religion” to direct us away from the truth. We have come to adore our traditions and the practices related to them. We continue to defend that which has been created to distract the Church of Jesus Christ from the truth. Compromise has become a “way of life”among the “faithful”. “Traditions” have become endeared to the Christian Psyche. Few are willing to address this problem, mainly because of that age old nemesis—–the FEAR OF MEN! Pastors and Church leaders do not feel that confronting “tradition”  is worth the price they will pay for their honesty. “Rejection and criticism” is that price—-so they continue to wrap themselves in “compromise” for the sake of safety and unity.

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