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Bible Prophecy —-The Rapture Question—a synopsis

            Bible Prophecy —The rapture of the Church  is a topic that is often discussed and preached in the Church today.  The fact is, the word “Rapture” is nowhere to be found in the Bible.  The only reference to the receiving of God’s people unto Christ is called “the gathering.”  Because the term “rapture” is so commonly used in the Church, I will use that term for the sake of clarity.  And now, a synopsis of the most popular Bible Prophecy scenario regarding the “rapture”—- the gathering of God’s elect.

Bible Prophecy – Pre-Tribulation Synopsis

Regarding the gathering of God’s elect to meet Christ in the air, “Pre-tribulationism” is the most popular doctrine in the evangelical Church today.  It is a Church heresy which is found in no teachings or expositions by theologians of the Church prior to 1800.  Hear me clearly—-there is not one single written exposition supporting pre-tribulation theology pre-dating the year 1800.  If you believe this statement to be untrue, then you have a formidable challenge ahead of you in defense of your persuasion.  A synopsis of pre-tribulationism follows.

Bible Prophecy —-Pre-Trib synopsis

1. The rapture is an imminent event.  It could take place at any moment—it has been imminent since the Day of Pentecost in the book of Acts.  All born again believers will be taken in the pre-trib rapture.  All the children of the world [under the "age of accountability"] will be taken in the rapture as well. Parents who have not believed in Jesus will suddenly discover that their children have disappeared. Those parents will fall into unfathomable grief. Children born after the rapture will suffer great hardships and terror during the Tribulation. They will suffer pain and horrors because of the decisions their parents have made prior to the pre-tribulation rapture—–to reject God’s plan of salvation.

  •   This doctrine is well covered in this portion of the “against all heresy” website. There are several lessons under this particular heading that will address this matter. The most direct lesson would be the lesson entitled “The Doctrine of Imminence”.

2.  Soon after the rapture, antichrist will rise to power and establish a seven year peace agreement between Israel and her Arab neighbors.

3.  The signing of a seven year peace covenant will trigger seven years of tribulation.

  •   The notion of “seven years of tribulation” is a popular notion developed in the mistreatment of Daniel 9:26 and 27, alleging that there will be a future “covenant” between the future “antichrist”, National Israel and her hostile Arab neighbors.
  • The modern treatment of this verse defies over 1700 years of Church doctrine. The Bible, Old and New Testaments, describes a future time of Tribulation covering a well defined period of 3 1/2 years.
  • You can learn the truth about Daniel 9: 26 and 27 in the lesson called—-Seventy Weeks of Daniel.
  • The entity of Daniel 9:27 is none other than “Messiah”. This is what the Church of the ages has believed.

4.  All of earth’s people who did not know Christ will be “left behind” to suffer the terrors of  seven years of tribulation–-the wrath of almighty God.

  • This modern heresy equates a fictional “seven years of tribulation” to the “Wrath of God” poured out on an unbelieving world after the Church has been raptured into heaven.
  • A vivid description of the Biblical “Wrath of God” is shown in the lesson entitled—-“Day of the Lord”.

5.  3 1/2 years into the tribulation, antichrist will abominate a newly rebuilt Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

6.  The second half of the tribulation [great tribulation] will begin—horrors on earth.

7.  The Church will be in heaven [for the  seven years of tribulation] receiving their rewards and in the marriage supper of the lamb while earth’s inhabitants are suffering the horrors of the  tribulation,ie—–”God’s Wrath”.

  •  There is no Biblical foundation for the notion that the Church of the Ages will be in Heaven for seven years while the world undergoes “seven years of God’s Wrath”. This notion will be scripturally dismissed in this study.

8.  At the end of the alleged seven years, Christ will return in clouds of glory with his saints and destroy the wicked, antichrist, and false prophet, and cast Satan into a fiery place to be restrained for 1000 years.

  • Indeed, Christ will return following the Great Tribulation, but that “tribulation” will be 3 1/2 years in duration which is validated in a number of passages found throughout this work.

9.  The millennial reign of Christ will begin.

  • Truly, there will be 1000 years of pristine existence when the Prince of Peace returns to cast Satan into bondage and set up his Kingdom on earth.
  • There are many elements to the pre-tribulation Doctrine of Imminence dealt with in the section entitled Prophecy/Eschatology—–I hope this section helps you understand the truth in this matter.
  • Of this I am sure, whatever events take place in this course of human history, God is able to take us through to that passage where the Bible says—-”they overcame by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and loved not their lives even unto death”.     Danny McDowell

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  1. Daniel & Linda Cox

    Hello Danny,

    So thrilled that you can get “Truth” to so many in such an easy to read and follow manner. Our prayer for both you and Linette is that the Lord will set before you more and more open doors that no man can shut.

    The Lord be with you.

    Daniel & Lin.


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