31. Gog of Magog

Gog of Magog

(by Dr. John Thomas)

Gog of Magog —-The Autocrat of All the Russia’s

Gog of Magog ; The following is extracted from a discourse by Rabbi Carrillon of the Reformed Synagogue of Spanishtown, Jamaica. My attention having been recently called to it, I present it to the reader at the earliest opportunity, being persuaded he will be gratified by its perusal. It originally appeared in the “Hebrew Archives,” and is strikingly corroborative of the interpretation published in Elpis Israel of the title prefixed to Ezekiel’s prophecy of the invasion of Palestine by the Assyrian of the latter days. The following is the extract:

“There is but little ground for debate; but that the prophecy of Ezekiel, relating to Israel’s last enemy, points conclusively to Gog of Magog —-Russia. Unless a radical change–from which may God preserve us–takes place in the mind and in the political constitutions of Europe, we need not fear that any other nation than Russia will oppress the Hebrews. On the contrary, indeed, the Hebrews are continually making new advances in esteem and friendship of all other people, Christian and Mohammedan. Gog of Magog, is pictured to us as man filled with the ambition of subduing the whole world; and we do not know, in the existing state of affairs, any nation of Asia or Africa which conceives a project so bold. America is out of the question, and the power is equally balanced among the other nations of Europe, the majority of them friends of peace. They hold in horror every species of warfare and of conquests; even those who are not actuated by religion, public opinion, and the arts and sciences. Russia is the single empire which has the disposition, and can command the means of undertaking a like campaign; and it is worthy of remark, that a prophecy is in vogue in Russia, its origin I know not, predicting that at a certain future period the Russians will become Lords of the Universe. True or false, this prophecy has a tendency to fortify them with courage, and of itself already bears witness into what extremities they are inclined to plunge in this gigantic struggle. In addition to these, there are several other reasons which induce us to believe that Russia is the empire predicted by Ezekiel, and the chief reason is drawn from the description of the country itself. In the tenth of Genesis we find the children of Japheth to have been Gomer, Magog and Madai–Javan, Tubal, Mesech and Tiras; and the sons of Gomer, Ashkenas, and Riphoth and Togarmah–from them the Japhetical nations are descended, that is to say, the Chinese, Tartars, Greeks and Persians; the Germans of the North, Muscovites and other Sclavonian races; and these are the very people whom Ezekiel names as forming the sources, or as being the tributaries from whence Gog is to issue. In chapter 39th the Prophet says, “Turn they face towards Gog, & Magog [the country of Gog], the prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal. The General name of the country in Scripture is Magog, and the name of its prince is Gog; but the country itself is divided into three principalities, Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal. The Prophet afterwards tells us that the prince described will be accompanied with a powerful army, composed of divers nations, of the same names as those which are mentioned in Genesis, as being descendants of Japheth and Gomer; and the most of these nations the subjects, or allies, of the prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal are represented as coming from Northern countries. We remark that the name of Rosh is not to be met with anywhere among the sons of Japheth. We know, however, that the first Czar of Great Muscovie was called Rosh, and that it was from him the empire derived the name it now bears. We know also, that in former times Russia was divided into three independent States–Russia Proper, or, according to some authors, Muscovie in Europe–Muscovy Proper, or Russia Eastern and Southern–and Tobolsk, or Northern Russia. The three states were finally united under the common name of Russia, and they held in subjection several nations of the Tartar and Sclavonian origin. Persia itself may be considered as a dependency of Russia, or the Emperor of these tree States united, or Rushy, Muscovy and Tobolsky, this being the true pronunciation, and of tributary and independent countries, is called in Scripture Gog, and his empire Magog. It is very probable this name has been given to the state because the population descends in a great measure from Magog, and Gog seems to be an abbreviation of the name Magog, and is applicable to the chiefs of this empire. The names of the three states that compose this empire are mentioned in Scripture word for word–”Son of man, turn thy face towards Gog, of the country of Magog, the prince of Rosch, Meshech and Tubal;” Rosh is Russia–Meshech Muscovy–and Tubal Tobolsky. Another combining circumstance is, that no other country is made up of so many other different nations. The Prophet further tells us that these divers nations, which will march under the colors of Russia, will be armed after the fashion of the ancients, with shields, bows, and arrows, and with javelins and lances, for, as we are aware, notwithstanding her wide extent, Russia cannot raise an army exceeding 5 or 600,000 men in number who are drilled according to the tactics of modern warfare, while the great mass of her troops still use arms of various kinds of darts, which were only in use among the ancients. Under still another aspect, the prophecy may be applied to Russia. It is, moreover, foretold, that of a sudden such revolts will burst forth from the numberless army of Gog that, using the expression of the Prophet, every man’s hand will be raised against his brother. This portion of the prophecy is eminently applicable to Russia; for it is almost certain that Russia, engaged in a universal war, on the first reverse, will witness Poland and the portions she holds under the yoke, turning their arrows against her. It is thus almost established by evidence, that Russia is the country of Magog, and that Nicholas, or one of his successors, is the Gog announced by the prophet, and that there is reason to believe that the latter days are not far off; let us, therefore, be on the watch and in continual prayer, that we may not be overwhelmed by a torrent of events, as a thief taken in the night!”

(By Dr. John Thomas)

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