27. Which Decree – You Be The Judge

Which Decree —–YOU BE THE JUDGE

[Regarding the decree of Daniel 9]

            There is much disagreement regarding the “decree” of Daniel 9 which triggers the Seventy Weeks of Daniel.  The problem is mostly driven by MOTIVE. The Decree of Artaxerxes places the crucifixion of Jesus exactly in the midst of the Seventieth Week of Daniel which supports the Historicist view of the matter. On the other hand, both the proclamations of Cyrus and Darius may be utilized to support the notion of a timeline without continuity in which it is commonly proclaimed that the last of the weeks [the Seventieth Week] is separated from the 69 Weeks and cast forward in time by 2000 years to host “seven years of tribulation”. Let’s see which decree is the logical candidate.

Decree 1

Cyrus     Ezra 1:1-4     536 BC     536 BC

- 483 years——–69 weeks of years

53 BC——–insignificant to Messiah


Decree 2

Darius     Ezra 4:24       520 BC     520BC

- 483 years———69 weeks of years

37 BC——–insignificant to Messiah


Decree 3

Artaxerxes     Ezra 7:12-26   458BC     458 BC

- 483 years———-69 weeks of years

26 AD————the Baptism of Messiah at

the END of the 69th week .


Exactly THREE AND ONE HALF YEARS LATER [half a week]—–Messiah was crucified exactly in the midst of the 70th week of Daniel.——-IT IS FINISHED !        

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