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Contact us ——This site has been created to inform and enlighten God’s people of the tragic condition of the Church of the twenty first century Many unscriptural practices and celebrations have no Biblical foundation what-so ever. There have always been heresies in the Church, but there has never been such a deluge of contemptible heresies as in these days, We welcome your comments on our site as well as any questions you may have.  We enjoy educating where the opportunity presents itself and in doing so, defending the Gospel we love so much.  To contact us,please send your feedback (questions, comments, opinions, etc.).

Contact us at  Invite your friends to view our site. There is an abundance of topics to talk about——Danny McDowell


5 thoughts on “Contact Us —–against all heresy

  1. Bill

    Hi, I just noticed that you are missing the biggest heresy of our generation and that is the heresy that all bibles are the word of God. All other bibles have a “form of godliness”. The heretics Westcott and Hort may be something you want to look into. There is only one perfect Bible and all the others are counterfeits.

    1. CJ Post author

      That “perfect Bible” has been edited at least 20 times since 1611. Just one of numerous corruptions—–the translation of the Greek word Pascah [Passover Acts 12;4] to the Pagan word “Easter”, an obvious human prejudice. Words and phrases have been added to the KJV that are part of NO extant Greek texts of any group. A passage from the Book of Revelation was taken from the Catholic Vulgate because no Greek documents were available to the text translator which ended up a corruption in the KJV. Personally, I use the KJV daily, but refuse to allow it to become a religious idol. We must remain diligent to search out the truth. The TRUTH shall set us free. Danny McDowell

  2. Aj Robinson

    Mukama yebazibwe :) First off, I love the site. I decided to get in contact when I saw you did work in Uganda. I’m going to be increasing my involvement in Uganda in the future, so I was hoping to swap some emails and talk a bit if you get a chance.

  3. Pr.Mukobe Robert~Jinja

    We thank u Pr. Danny for exposing some of the heresies that has been a big problem to spiritual growth. I thank for the 2 DVDS u gave me at Nakawa Buyende last week. Be blessed.


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