False Doctrine and Heresies

False Doctrine and Heresies is the page where we tackle modern  day popular beliefs and heresies which stand contrary to the Bible.  Beliefs such as the Prosperity Doctrine, the Doctrine of Imminence, Tithing, Dominionism, Power in the spoken word, The insufficiency of the cross and other egregious doctrines and notions. We utilize a copious amount of scripture to dismiss those assaults on Sound Doctrine. Contrary to the vast majority of Evangelical Churches and Institutions who shy away from stern confrontation of false doctrine and heresies, we attempt to expose them and name the names of those who espouse them. What use is a Faith that is corrupted by lies? How can one rely on that which defies itself? False doctrine and heresies turn the true faith, built on a corner stone [Jesus Christ], and an under girding of Christ’s hand-picked Apostles, into a proverbial “House of Cards”. False doctrine and heresies entice the flesh, corrupts the soul, and leads the mind into ridiculous ponderings. Can you imagine ——”God can do NOTHING IN TH EARTH without man’s permission”, so say the Heretics Miles Monroe, Kenneth Copeland, and others of the TBN line-up and the Word/Faith movement.  Demonic “Supernatural Revelation” replaces the Infallible Written Word. False doctrine and heresies, like a wrecking ball, brings repetitive, destructive blows against the Temple of God which Temple we are.

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