Into Uganda

“Into Uganda” is dedicated to our Mission, “Bibles For Uganda.”  We will provide updated commentary, pictures and video about our mission trips.  “Into Uganda” is where you will find true stories of real people dedicated to the propagation of the Gospel, and how a gracious God has lifted up many desperate people in difficult situations. Our stories are current and true. Into Uganda brings you up-close to distant people, places and experiences. Our attempt is to demonstrate God’s faithfulness to every human being that belongs to him, no matter how remote the village or how different the tongue.  Into Uganda provides native language Bibles to Pastors and Church leaders whose own Bibles are worn and dilapidated from many years of use under harsh conditions through the auspices of our Bibles for Uganda effort. Our Mission Pastors are faithful ministers of the Word of God. They courageously push back at the onslaught of detrimental teachings which abound in Africa, AND THEY [our missions] ARE ADVANCING—–village by village, bringing LIGHT and HOPE to a trodden people. Our principle effort is to enlighten the Western Church of what is taking place in East Africa as far as sound Indoctrination and Spiritual Growth  are concerned. This is our passion. Danny McDowell—–Into Uganda — Bibles for Uganda

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