Great Ugandan Passover Plot



     For the first two centuries of the Christian Faith, the Churches gathered together at one most sacred time of year. It was at the time of the FEAST of Unleavened bread—-Passover. They gathered for the purpose of celebrating that most Sacred event known then as “THE LORD’S TABLE”. It is no coincidence that they gathered at this particular time of year, for this is the time when their Master gathered together with his disciples for his declaration of the New Covenant in his Body and Blood. This is not a new and fanciful doctrine. It is well established in the New Testament for it was the evening prior to the DAY OF PREPARATION [Matt.27;59-62] for Passover that they all met for this event that would be celebrated for centuries unto millennia. It was only from the third century onward that the Lord’s Table at Passover was wiped from any memory of the Church as ROME successfully obliterated any connection of Christendom with its Jewish roots. From the days of Constantine forward, the Church was completely transformed from a Church of Apostolic leadership to a religious juggernaut that came to be known as Roman Catholicism. Even the great REFORMERS of the Reformation age could not completely shake off the filth of Rome and so “Passover” was lost to history and an abominable celebration called EASTER took it’s place—-but the truth remained well contained in the preservation of God’s Word. You only need to read the declaration of the Book of MARK, 11 through 16 to verify this claim. “Passover” is NOT EASTER and “Easter” is NOT PASSOVER. There is only ONE Biblical declaration for the time when Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead—–and that was the time of PASSOVER.

The very Ugandan word “PASACHA” is exactly the same as the Hebrew word for Passover—–Pasach. It does not mean “Easter”, it means PASSOVER!

     There is only ONE DAY OF THE YEAR that is declared to be PASSOVER. That day is declared to be in the evening of 14 Nisan of the Biblical calendar. That evening is exactly on the FULL MOON of March/April. It has been since the days of Moses, and it shall always be. It has never changed and it never will. It is the most sacred time of the Christian faith. To TAMPER with this immovable TRUTH is to desecrate the Biblical account of our Lord’s death—-”for Christ our PASSOVER is sacrificed for us” [I Cor.5;7]. Who dares to tread on this Holy Day?——YOU DO—-YOU HYPOCRITES OF UGANDA. YOU DO—-YOU LIARS AND MONEY GRUBBERS! YOU DO,YOU BLIND WHO FOLLOW AFTER THE BLIND! YOU DO, YOU LYING PROPHETS OF THE PROSPERITY GOSPEL! The LAND IS CURSED because of you and your filthy followers. Uganda shall never reap prosperity because you have sown a SEED OF LIES! YOUR NATION IS UNDER A CURSE! Your leaders invite FALSE TEACHERS and HERETICS into your midst. You desecrate God’s Word at every hand and there are FEW who will stand and boldly rebuke you. You are worth 25% less today than when that American Heretic [Creflo Dollar] came to “BREAK THE SPIRIT OF POVERTY” off of Uganda, yet you have learned NOTHING!

     Now you sink to the despicable in deed. Now you tread on the most SACRED of ground in your obsession for money. Now you spew your vomit across that very first evening that your Lord’s body lay in the tomb. You have reached a POINT OF SUCH REPULSION that only the greatness of God’s mercy can save you.  You gather in your stadiums and celebrate your grave ignorance. You shower with wealth, the illegitimate who call themselves “PASTOR”.  You have stolen from the pagans in their celebration of “NEW YEAR”, and have desecrated the most Holy day in all of Christianity—-the Lord’s PASSOVER! What can you be thinking? What is so tempting that you would abandon this great truth?  Who are you, ? What can be worth your TREASON? Who are you, YOU BLIND WHO FOLLOW THE BLIND?

  Ezek 14:9-10

9 And if the prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing, I the LORD have deceived that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand upon him, and will destroy him from the midst of my people Israel.

10 And they shall bear the punishment of their iniquity: the punishment of the prophet shall be even as the punishment of him that seeketh unto him;

     YOU WILLFUL GOATS. You will suffer the same disgrace as your prophets because you have groveled at the feet of FALSE PROPHETS AND HERETICS. Uganda will sink deeper and deeper into POVERTY unless you come to your senses . NEW YEAR’S EVE IS NOT PASSOVER——it is only “Passover” in the sense that the ignorant PASS-OVER THEIR MONEY TO  THEIR FALSE PROPHETS in this yearly MONEY GRAB!   Danny McDowell    

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