Modern Day Heretics

In this section we expose modern day heretics and the heresies they espouse.  We present documentation of their spoken heresies, and where available, video clips of their teachings.  We fearlessly provide scriptural rebuttal to each and every false doctrine and heresy mentioned in this site. It is our earnest goal to inform and educate as many Christians as we can regarding the invasion of Modern Day Heretics and the heresies they espouse. Many Christians are very much deceived about the doctrines they have been taught. They are so smitten by the charisma, charm, and yes—–even humor, that the modern day heretic displays that it does not occur to the uneducated Christian that he/she have been duped. The modern day heretic wraps his/her particular teaching in fantastic illustrations that seem rational to the listener, ie. “Adam was just as much God  as Jesus, nor was Adam subordinate to God even”—Kenneth Copeland.Millions of unsuspecting Christians have fallen for the fantastic and amazing claims of the  modern day heretics. As Christians, we are called to research our long established doctrines of the faith. We are not called to be simpletons or pew sheep. We are called to be Kings and Priests of our Lord, as well as faithful servants and stewards of God’s Word.

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