Heretic Benny Hinn

The encroachment of modern heresy into the Church of the past thirty years began in the “Charismatic Movement” of the 1970s.  The Church began to drift from the teaching of sound doctrine into the obsession for miracles and dynamic “praise and worship”.   As the movement grew, so also the spread of extra-biblical “revelation”.  “New revelation” was not always “contrary” to scripture, but simply NOT FOUND in scripture, thereby causing it to be difficult to rebut.  As the movement spread and began to drift in different directions, so also, more erroneous doctrine.  In the past twenty years, the trend has leaped forward into downright HERESY, even to the point of denying that the “Blood of Christ alone” is sufficient to save.  They have created for themselves, and those who follow them, a hodge podge mixture of truth and serious heresy.   When confronted by orthodox theologians, they simply retreat to the outer parameters of orthodoxy until the heat is off, then return to the most heretical doctrines of the Christian age.  Many walk a thin line between truth and heresy so as NOT TO DRAW FIRE from those who are authoritatively able to confront them.  It’s a cagy game they play.  Unfortunately, for modern day heretics, they have been recorded and in many cases have been filmed in their folly.  They have come to spread their heresies around the world, especially into Africa where there is a willing audience due to the common practice of Witchcraft in the African Church.  It’s an easy transition from Witchcraft into heretical Christianity—-especially into the “Prosperity Gospel”.  As a missionary to Africa, I can tell you that “orthodoxy” has been ravaged in Africa, from Nigeria to Kenya—from South Africa to the Mediterranean it is so.  We’ll take a look at some American heresies and the heretics that promote them.

Trinity Broadcasting Network is the largest religious  broadcasting system in the world.  It is also FERTILE GROUND for the growth of rank heresies.  You will, no doubt, recognize many of the TBN heretics named in this work. Danny McDowell

Heretic Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn [the 9 persons of the Godhead]

· Hinn “Man,  I feel revelation knowledge already coming on me here. Lift your hands. Something new is going to happen here today. I felt it just as I walked down here.  Holy Spirit, take over in the name of Jesus…God the Father, ladies and gentlemen, is a person; and He is a triune being by Himself separate from the Son and the Holy Ghost.  Say, what did you say?  Hear it, hear it, hear it.  See, God the Father is a person, God the Son is a person,  God the Holy Ghost is a person.  But each one of them is a triune being by Himself.  If I can shock you—and maybe I should—there’s nine of them.  Huh, what did you say?  Let me explain: God the Father, ladies and gentlemen, is a person with his own personal spirit, with his own personal soul, and his own personal spirit-body.  You say, Huh, I never heard that.  Well you think you’re in this church to hear things you’ve heard for the last 50 years?”  (Benny Hinn, Benny Hinn program on TBN (October 3, 1991).

  • SO now the ancient doctrine of the triune Godhead has been replaced with this strange notion of “nine persons of the Godhead”, and this, by “REVELATION KNOWLEDGE”?

· Benny Hinn

“God came from heaven, became a man, made man into little gods, went back to heaven as a man.  He faces the Father as a man.   I face devils as the son of God..Quit your nonsense! What else are you?   If you say, I am, you’re saying I’m a part of Him, right?  Is he God?  Are you His offspring?   Are you His children? You can’t be human!  You can’t!  You can’t!   God didn’t give birth to flesh…You said, “Well, that’s heresy.”  No, that’s your crazy brain saying that.” (Benny Hinn, Our Position in Christ #2—The Word Made Flesh (Orlando: Orlando Christian Center, 1991), videotape #255.

  • SO Jesus is a man at the right hand of the Father, and Benny Hinn is God in the earth—-AND IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN, YOU CAN’T BE HUMAN?  May I just ask; did Benny Hinn’s wife file for divorce against Benny the God , or Benny the human?

· Heretic Benny Hinn

“And let me add this: Had the Holy Spirit not been with Jesus, He would have sinned.  That’s right, it was the Holy Spirit that was the power that kept Him pure.  He was not only sent from heaven, but He was called the Son of Man—and as such He was capable of sinning…Without the Holy Ghost, Jesus would have never have made it…Can you imagine Christ headed for the grave, knowing He would remain there forever, if the Holy Ghost would change His mind about raising Him from the dead?”  (Benny Hinn, Good Morning, Holy Spirit (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1990), 135-36.

  • So, Jesus is not eternally and inherently God, even though he was conceived of the Holy Ghost in his mother’s womb?  So, the Father sent his son on a risky mission into earth trusting that his son would make the right decision and NOT SIN—-thereby making the plan of redemption a coin toss?  How could we be “Chosen in him before the foundations of the earth” if the outcome of Christ’s ministry was uncertain?


· Benny Hinn

“Ladies and gentlemen, the serpent is a symbol of Satan.  Jesus Christ knew the only way He would stop Satan is by becoming one in nature with him.   You say, ‘What did you say? What blasphemy is this?”  No, you hear this!  He did not take my sin; He became my sin. Sin is the nature of hell.  Sin is what made Satan.  It was sin that made Satan.  Jesus said, “I’ll be sin!  I’ll go to the lowest place!  I’ll go to the origin of it!  I won’t just take part in it, I’ll be the totality of it!”  When Jesus became sin, sir, He took it from A to Z and said, “No more!”  Think about this: He became flesh, that flesh might become like Him.  He became death, so dying man can live.  He became sin, so sinners can be righteous in Him.  He became one with the nature of Satan, so all those who had the nature of Satan can partake of the nature of God.” (Benny Hinn, Benny Hinn program on TBN (December 15, 1990).

  • So, “Jesus said he would go into hell, the place of the origin of sin”? I thought that the “origin of sin” took place in Heaven from where Satan was cast out.
  • So, in the NATURE OF SATAN Jesus proclaimed ; “Father forgive them, they know not what they do”? and in the NATURE OF SATAN Jesus said to the thief next to him—-”Today you will be with me in Paradise”?  So, in the NATURE OF SATAN Jesus said “Son. behold thy mother, and mother behold thy son”?  So, in the NATURE OF SATAN Jesus said—-”Father, into thy hands I commit my Spirit”?  So, in the nature of Satan, Jesus uttered “it is finished”?   So, in the NATURE OF SATAN, the Spirit of Jesus descended into the lower parts and preached to those who lived before the flood?
  • To believe Benny Hinn’s rot is a show of willful rebellion to God’s Holy Word.  It shows a willingness on the part of “Word of Faith” followers to usurp the doctrine of the Apostles and the cornerstone of our faith—–Christ himself, and to submit themselves to those things that will drag them into hell along with their W.O.F. Gods.  If indeed “they are Gods” their throne will be everlasting and in HELL!


· Heretic Benny Hinn,

“My, you know, whoosh! The Holy Ghost is just showing me some stuff. I’m getting dizzy!  I’m telling you the truth—it’s, it’s just heavy right now on me…He’s [referring to Jesus] in the underworld now.  God is in there, the Holy Ghost is in there, and the Bible says He was begotten.  Do you know what the word begotten means?  It means reborn.  Do you want another shocker?  Have you been begotten?  So was He.  Don’t let anyone deceive you. Jesus was reborn.  You say, ‘What are you talking about?’…He was reborn.  He had to be reborn…If He was not reborn, I could not be reborn, I would never be reborn.  How can I face Jesus and say, “Jesus, You went through everything I’ve gone through, except the new birth?”  (Benny Hinn, Our Position ‘In Christ]

  • So the Father and the Holy Spirit are in hell with Jesus? Does that mean there is no one “keeping an eye on the place” in Heaven? So, the sinless Jesus was BORN AGAIN IN HELL?


“When you say, ‘I am a Christian, you are saying, ‘I am mashiach’ in the Hebrew.  I am a little messiah walking on earth, in other words That is a shocking revelation…. May I say it like this?  You are a little god on earth running around.”  (Benny Hinn Praise-a-thon TBN November 6, 1990)…

  • So, now I am a LITTLE Messiah and the Messiah of Israel is just a man?

Benny Hinn

“Christians are “Little Messiah’s and “little gods” on the earth.  Thus [Encouraging the audience]…say “I am a God-man….This spirit-man within me is a God-man…” say “I’m born of heaven-a God-man.  I’m a God man.  I am a sample of Jesus. I’m a super being.  Say it!  Say it!  Who’s a super being?  “I walk in the realm of the supernatural.”  Say it!…You want to prosper?  Money will be falling on you from left, right and centre.  God will begin to prosper you, for money always follows righteousness….Say after me, “everything I ever want is in me already.” (Benny Hinn, TBN, 1990)…

  • Just call me SUPER MAN—-or SUPER DAN?

Benny Hinn

“When you were born again the Word was made flesh in you.  You are everything He was and everything He is and ever He shall be …. Don’t say,’ I have.’ Say, ‘ I am, I am, I am, I am, I am.” (Benny Hinn, “Our Position in Christ #2-The Word Made Flesh” 1991, audiotape #A031190-2, side 2.)




April 2nd, 2000 – TBN Praise-a-thon

Heretic Benny Hinn” Ladies and gentleman, Jesus is shaking the world! Now something else is happening that is to me awesome! Absolutely awesome! The Lord is physically appearing in the Muslim world. I’m telling you, Paul, I am hearing it now more and more and more. Since we preachers cannot go there, Jesus is – just going there Himself. Since we preachers are not permitted to go in, He is just showing up – Himself. You know the Scriptures says clearly that the Lord did appear, did He not? Ah for forty days, isn’t that right? And the, and the, and the Scriptures says he, he, he even, he even appeared to Paul. Now we are always thinking, well Jesus can’t really preach, preach the Gospel. Who told you that? He was the first one to preach the Gospel. In fact He is the one who came to Paul and said, Paul, I am Jesus. He, He didn’t send no angel to do that job. He did it Himself. If Jesus revealed Himself to Paul, why not reveal Himself to a lot more than just Paul? And He is doing it! The reason the Lord had to appear to Paul is because He knew Paul wouldn’t listen to nobody else. Now in the case of Cornelius, the angel said send for Peter, ’cause, because Cornelius was, was ready, his heart was right, he’d been in prayer. But here’s Paul killing everybody, causing ‘em to blaspheme, Jesus said this man won’t even listen to an angel, so I’ll go do the job myself. So He went and knocked him right off his horse and preached the Gospel to him. He’s doing the same thing today in the Muslim world. He’s appearing, hear this, He is appearing to Muslims, saying I am Jesus of Nazareth! And they’re coming to know the Lord! Why are those things happening? It’s the last days! Saints, this is why we need to give to the Gospel now more than ever. You know naively say well I gave last year. Forget it! Last year it’s gone! That cycle is over with! Seed time – harvest of last year is gone. Every season is a fresh season. We are in a fresh season. What, what you gave last year will not reap you anything this year. What you gave even a few months ago is gone, you got the harvest for that” says Heretic Benny Hinn

Matt 24:23-27

23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

25 Behold, I have told you before.

26 Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. KJV


April 2nd, 2000 – TBN Praise-a-thon

Heretic Benny Hinn “The hour is urgent. Many of you have known me for many years. But I am telling you right now, things I haven’t said years ‘n years ‘n years ago. I believe – here this, hear this! I believe, that Jesus, God’s Son, is about to appear physically, in meetings and to believers around the world, to wake us up! He appeared after His resurrection and He is about to appear before His second coming! You know a prophetess sent me a word through my wife, right here, and she said ‘Tell your husband that Jesus is go’n to physically appear in his meetings.’ I am expecting to see, I am telling you that – I feel it’s going to happen. I, I, I’m, I’m careful in how I am saying it now, because I know the people in Kenya are listening. I know deep in my soul, something supernatural is going to happen in Nai – in Nairobi Kenya. I feel that. I may very well come back, and you and Jan are coming, to – Paul and Jan are coming to Nairobi with me, but Paul, we may very well come back with footage of Jesus on the platform! You know that the Lord appeared in Romania recently, and there’s a video of it? Where the Lord appeared in the back of a church and you see him on video walking down the isle? Yeah! Paul do you remember when I came on TBN years ago and showed you a clip of the Lord appearing in our church in Orlando, on the balcony on the wall? Yeah. You, you remember that? [Paul Crouch] Very well, I saw it! [Benny Hinn] That was ’80, 80 something, ’86, what – whatever. You know I always wondered why the Lord, why did He do that? Do you know why, now I look back? That was the beginning of the greatest move of God in our church. Because ’83, ’84, and ’85 were horrible years for me, horrible years. Eighty-six the blessings of God began, but they began with a – with this manifestation of the Lord’s face on, on the balcony, that stayed for eight weeks. Eight solid weeks! The Lord has done this in the past, but He is about to do it again, now hear this, I am prophesying this! Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is about to appear physically in some churches, and some meetings, and to many of His people, for one reason – to tell you He is about to show up! To Wake Up! Jesus is coming saints! You have held back from the Lord in the past, don’t you dare do it now. The day will come you’ll stand before Him and give an answer. How dare we not give to God. How dare we hold back.”


 April 21st, 2000 – This Is Your Day

Heretic Benny Hinn “You know, yesterday on the program I was telling you and the audience here that Ruth Heflin, the prophetess, had sent me a word from the Lord, where she said that the Lord had spoken to her clearly, that, a, for me to prepare myself, for the Lord is going to visibly appear, on the platform, in one of our crusades. I pray it’ll happen in every crusade. But I have a feeling, I am just telling you honestly, I have even told some of our staff, when I go to Kenya, I am going to Kenya in just a few days from now, a million people will be in Kenya, Nairobi. I feel in my being it is going to happen there. So pray for us as we go to Kenya. I pray it will happen tonight, at the good Friday service in Nashville. I pray it will happen in every crusade.”


Matt 24:26-31
26 “So if anyone tells you, ‘There he is, out in the desert,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here he is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it.

27 For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

28 Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.
29 “Immediately after the distress of those days
“‘the sun will be darkened,
and the moon will not give its light;
the stars will fall from the sky,
and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’
30 “At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will mourn. They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory.

31 And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other.

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