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Our purpose in creating this site is to bring truth and enlightenment to all students of Christianity.  It establishes a baseline of realism, that for many, will be difficult to embrace.  It is a lesson in New Testament Christianity and Bible Prophecy spanning heresy through the ages; exposing heretics; teaching doctrine, and spreading the gospel at home and abroad. Many of the articles you will read may seem foreign to you, not because they are un-supported in scripture, but because so many “man made” traditions and unauthorized practices have gone unchecked by those deemed to be responsible. A very simple example is the belief that Jesus was crucified on “Good Friday” and raised from the dead at sunrise on Sunday morning”. Jesus declared that his body would lay in the grave for “three days and three nights”. The Gospel of John declares that Mary discovered the tomb of Jesus to be empty “early on the first day WHILE IT WAS YET DARK”. Even Einstein could never get “three days and nights” from this Church tradition and practice, yet it has remained mostly unchallenged for more than fifteen hundred years. We are not attempting to make a doctrinal statement from this example, but only to illustrate how  man-made traditions have come to be reckoned as truth.The Bible is our guide—-bringing rest and sanity to our hearts and minds. WELCOME!

Danny McDowell

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